Advisors for On-Site Dining & Hospitality Programs

Insight for On-Site

Advisors for On-Site Dining & Hospitality Programs

Insight for On-Site

Why DayOne?


Our Philosophy

The term 'day one' connotes "a new beginning, a new strategy, a new solution, a fresh start." Does this apply to your food program goals?  DayOne Hospitality Consulting will discover what is important to your culture and define what role foodservice plays within your business or institution. Does your current program amplify your culture to maximize the amenity experience? Perhaps you and your program are ready for a fresh start, or a new 'day one'.  Together, let's re-calibrate your program for a best-in-class dining and hospitality amenity. 


Our Experience

At DayOne, our skills and foodservice consulting core competencies entail: 

  • Comprehensive master planning
  • Mystery shopping
  • Industry benchmarks and best practices
  • Analysis of your operator's contract to ensure compliance
  • Evaluation of your operator's financial performance
  • Perspective on cafeteria facility design for existing space or new construction to reduce build-out costs with alternative dining ideas
  • Guest experience evaluations and assessments
  • Facilitation of the Partner Vendor Selection Process (RFP) to ensure you align with the right operator that fully embraces YOUR goals and YOUR culture


Our Position

With over 35 years in the hospitality industry, we have a keen perspective of understanding the customer's point of view. As a program manager & client advocate, our process focuses on the customer and their expectations of your on-site dining program (cafes, coffee bars, catering, food halls, micro markets, etc).  Employee amenities are key to attracting and retaining a productive workforce.  DayOne has the insight to help you transform this important amenity to be impactful to your firm. We will collaborate on how we can support your culture and ensure your program amplifies your associate's workplace experience.

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